Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hi everyone and welcome to all visitors

My name is John Forster, I host the rock show on Birmingham City Radio.
On my shows which air sunday's and wednesday's , we only play unsigned bands. I feel that there is a wealth of musically talented bands out there that won't get the airplay or recognition they deserve, that is what I aim to do .
Since we started with the US bands, the show has greatly increased in number and listeners , we have had and still do have some awsome bands ,with new ones coming through all the time and from all over the world.
For me it is a privilege to play music that has never been on air before and to see the bands and artists getting the time and airplay they really deserve. I aim to carry on with it and make the show the place for all unsigned bands wanting their music to be listened to.
I enjoy the banter in the chatrooms during the shows and for an old rock fan ,I love the music !
On this blog, you'll find all informations on the bands I play . Take a bit on your time, to discover hidden treasures, some bands are better than signed ones, you will realize that by listening to their songs or watching their videos.
Come and visit us soon here, and of course, join us on the radio.
Keep rockin guys !
All the best .